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Christine Ripple and Jonathan Adams


Dirty Dancing is an iconic love story of two people who bonded through dancing. Jonathan and I may be a little biased but our love story is also great and we have bonded through dancing. My family is Polish and we went to polka dances and Polish Festivals when I was young. My mom loved to dance and if Jonathan wanted her full approval, he needed to learn. Jonathan was my Baby. With my mom’s help, I taught Jonathan how to dance. All three of us danced side by side in our kitchen. Jonathan stumbled and tripped on his feet but he eventually got better. Jonathan finally made his polka dancing debut at a resort in the Catskills and the older ladies exclaimed: “He has a job, he has a car, AND he knows how to Polka?! You’ve got a winner!” I already knew he was a winner. Our romance certainly grew through dancing together and we will always cherish the moments we get to dance with each other. 

Congratulations Christine and Jonathan, we can't wait to host your event!